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Congratulations to Sibyl Holloway on being named a 2014 "Woman of Excellence" by the Chicago Defender!!!
Congrats Sibyl Holloway, you are truly deserving of the Woman of Excellence award! You have helped many businesses grow including mine and I truly thank you and the crew for all that you've done!!! Stay blessed and continue on the path to success! Antonio Echols, Chicago, IL.
Sibyl, our businesses can only thrive when we give them positive support. This platform strengthens our commitment to the cause. Lossie Brown, Kankakee, IL.
Sibyl, you have not only made people aware of the different Black Businesses in their area that provide awesome customer service, but you have also brought people together and only God knows the connection He wants us to make and for this my heart is thankful!!! Donna Seabrooks, Houston, TX.
What a great deed you did today. You are the absolute best and I look forward to all of the blessings god has in store for you. God bless u Sibyl. - Toya Hand (Handwritten Greetings), Chicago, IL.
Good morning Luv, I want you to know that you are making such a positive difference in so many of your brothers and sisters lives and I want to personally say thank you ! Leonard Harrison, Chicago, IL.
In a word, humbled to be included in such a powerful group of movers
and shakers!! Many thanks Sibyl Holloway, 
Brian Sayles and Sylvia Holloway for organizing such a worthwhile movement! Last, but certainly not least, I want to personally thank each of you for your commitment to a cause close to my heart - preserving the economic integrity of our communities! Kai Bandele, Baltimore, MD
Thanks Sib, I Love what you do, it is always a great time with great people!! Kudos Girl!!! Karen Wesley (Wesley Financial), Chicago, IL.

Your efforts to circulate the Black dollar and all of your hard work are greatly appreciated!!! It is amazing what God can do when we set our minds to promote positivity and uplift in our communities. Continue to follow your dream and reach for GREATNESS!!! -Unknown

Another amazing, successful event hosted by a phenomenal, BeYOUtiful and giving woman Sibyl Holloway!! I'm so happy for you & you know you always have my support!!! My checking acct may have an attitude (lol) with me cuz of the $I spent supporting US but my heart is smiling and satisfied that it was for a great cause! Luv u!!! HUGS -Nina Ross Chicago, IL.
Marvelous event! Good food & music, and a nice crowd. I had a great time. Thanks to all who came out from Enjoy Life Chicago- Black Professionals Social Group to support this Black History Month celebration, HBCU's and the Little Black Pearl venue that provides art programs to children in the community! Much appreciation to Sibyl Holloway, it was wonderful. Can't wait for the next exciting event! - Robin Tilmon Chicago, IL.
Great event. Great people. Great music. Great networking. Great job Sib!- Bernanda Nicole Baker Chicago, IL.
Had a great time networking with my people that's what's needed to build a strong community KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK- Siah Travis
I truly enjoyed myself. Beautiful to see our people support and engage. Thanks again. - Chelly Perry Chicago, IL.