SIB'S Breakfast Club Official Website

We have all heard the staggering statistic that 90% of small businesses fail within the first year. In addition to lack of capital funding within our community, lack of marketing plays a major role as well. To assist our businesses with this delimma, SIB'S Breakfast Club is pleased to offer a unique marketing opportunity to our business network. We now offer memberships to participating businesses who wish to have their information viewed and shared by thousands on a daily basis. 
Membership has it's privileges - As a member, your business will be actively marketed to our database through all of the current means of social media, you will become part of our business directory, your events and special offerings will be showcased, and you will be eligible for B2B discounts. Or, you may be interested in becoming a "Business of the Week" where your business will be marketed daily for one week, and your information posted on our home page. Please call for details!