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African-American Art & Creativity

Welcome to our "African-American Art & Creativity" page. SIB'S Breakfast Club is excited to showcase the many artists, musicians, photographers, authors and other creative spirits that help frame our culture!

Angela Redmon - Artist

Angie Redmond Artist is a figurative and portrait artist from Chicago, IL. She received her Masters of the Science degree in Digital Art from Knowledge Systems Institute in Skokie, IL and a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Studio Art (emphasizing in oil painting) from Albion College in Albion MI.  Her pieces contain both oil paintings and drawings.


Maqueal Jordan - Saxophonist, Singer, Songwriter
Though Jordan will always be most connected in spirit to his adopted longtime hometown of Chicago, he was actually born in Los Angeles and spent his teen years in Kansas City. His first instrument was drums and he began playing the clarinet in grade school while also taking private piano lessons; he picked up the tenor sax for the first time at 12. Citing his early influences as everything from Motown and Ray Charles to Doo Wop and Miles Davis, he started making money playing gigs while earning his degree in Business Administration from the University of Kansas, where he also played in the jazz ensemble. His Track "Chillin with MJ" from his Catalyst CD, is featured on this page.

'Kwaw' Oscar Lester, also known as 'Triple Blak', is a visual artist, poet, and art educator based in Chicago, Illinois. His work depicts all aspects of African and African American cultural expression and centers around figurative representations of people of color. Bold vibrant hues, larger than life portrayals, and enigmatic facial expressions are hallmarks of this interesting and engaging work; whose content speaks to African existence throughout the Diaspora, including but not limited to depictions of continental Africans as well as African American celebrities, political figures, and everyday people. Mr. Lester’s work is both dynamic and provocative. His colorful oil on canvas renderings convey an attention to detail and level of empathy for the subject matter that is nothing short of remarkable.


Jennifer Bridgeforth - Author, Motivational Speaker

From personal challenges and successes, failures and accomplishments, the goal is to always endure the lesson and succeed! Join 
Jennifer Bridgeforth as she crusades to remind each of us that change is possible in our lives.  Whether it is through individual coaching, small group discussions, college lectures, book signings for her latest title, or large group seminars, now is the time for your transformation!  This serial entrepreneur and power advocate inspires through artistic creativity, real-life lessons, and personal stories that assist her audiences in realizing that change is not just someone else's gift, but our present.  She has been mentioned or featured in several media outlets, including Today's Chicago Woman, Uptown Magazine, and the Chicago Sun-Times. 


Ngonzi Truth Crushshon, M.A. - Author

Ngonzi Truth Crushshon
 is a psychotherapist and future clinical psychologist, specializing in trauma aftercare, urban youth and healthy intimate couples/family relationships. Recently, completing her PreDoctoral Internship, she is on a mad pursuit in 2015 to attain her doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Ms. Crushshon provides mental health therapy services as a member of the private practice team at DFM Wellness Alliance, 2105 South Canalport Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60608. To learn more or make an appointment visit

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