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SIB'S Breakfast Club
Celebrating African American Business Leaders, Innovators, and Game Changers...

SIB’S Breakfast Club was founded in 2008 by Sibyl Holloway to encourage support of African American business and enterprise through both social and nonsocial networking. SIB’S Breakfast Club is named as such as the events are held monthly on Saturday mornings at a featured business from 10am to 2:00pm. We have a strong and supportive following that understands our primary objective is to support African American business. Our main purpose is to provide a monetary boost to the hosting business and to encourage other business owners to network and share information. We invite you to encourage and support your own!


Featured Businesses of the Week (please see our Business Directory link for details)

On February 3rd, 2014 at Gallery Guichard, this photo was taken in honor of Black History Month. The photograph is titled "Business Leaders, Innovators, and Game Changers." The individuals pictured here represent successful entrepreneurs, those that are leaders within their given profession, and those that have made a marked creative difference.

Congratulations to Sibyl Holloway on being named a 2014 "Woman of Excellence" by The Chicago Defender.

Support Selfie Saturday!!!

1. Go to any black owned business in the world.
2. Patronize.
3. Take a selfie.
4. Post your pic - Use #blackbizselfie
5. Invite your friends all over to this event!

We want these businesses to gain exposure! Try to support AT LEAST ONE black owned business this Saturday! Let's do our part to Recycle the black dollar! It's the longest day of the year so you have plenty of time.
Visit my business directory link.
My mission is very simple. I support black owned businesses.
Do you?
Join me! 
What will you bring to the table?